3 ways to get to the perimeter

This post was inspired by the book The Perimeter Attack Offense Key to Winning Football by Joseph H. Moglia   1. Quick Pitch The quick pitch is the main way to get the ball to the perimeter. You can create a numerical advantage play side through the quick pitch. To defend a  quick pitch you need strong force […]

5 Guidelines for Using Misdirection

This post comes from my reading of  Mike Koehler’s book Misdirection football: creating the offensive edge 1. Counter vs Stunting Inside Linebackers– Because the linebackers have committed to an inside stunt as long as they can be blocked by the interior lineman they have eliminated themselves from the play. The fake by the back pulls the […]

Homer Smith’s If-Then Playcalling

  I got the inspiration for the title of this post from an article about  Paul Johnson’s if-then play calling methodology.  I was a big fan of that article and felt the format was easy to understand and gave a lot of good info from Paul Johnson’s perspective. So, while reading a section in Homer […]