3 ways to get to the perimeter

This post was inspired by the book The Perimeter Attack Offense Key to Winning Football by Joseph H. Moglia


1. Quick Pitch

  • The quick pitch is the main way to get the ball to the perimeter.
  • You can create a numerical advantage play side through the quick pitch.
  • To defend a  quick pitch you need strong force by the corners and fast pursuit by inside players. Because the pitch is so fast penetrating defenses are ineffective because they don’t have good inside pursuit from linebackers and running backs.



2. The Bootleg

  • Bootleg allows you to attack the corner of the defense after the play’s inital action was to the opposite side of the field.
  • The boot can be used as a run play, a pass and, even a true run-pass option.

Naked boots or quarterback sweeps are usually preceded by an inside fake. This fake helps hold inside pursuit which is needed to contain the outside run of a QB.



3. The Option Play

  • The option play is design to look like the Quick pitch at the start of the play.
  • The pursuit from the inside linebackers should be cut off and  the only person to defend the plays is the outside force and contain players who should be optioned.



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