Red Faught If-Then Play-Calling

I am a big fan of If- Then play-calling sheets. I feel they do a really good job at describing ways to attack your opponent.

If  Penetrating Linebackers Then

  1. Attack perimeter
  2. Throw to a hot receiver
  3. Screen plays and draws
  4.  Max pass protection
  5. Max up snap count
  6. Get in shotgun, trips, and goal line formations

If Fast Flow Linebackers Then

  1. Counter and and reverse plays

If  Linebackers getting into their drops quickly Then

  1.  Draw
  2. Traps
  3. Delay passes

If Defensive ends in wide Alignment Then

  1. Attack off-tackle
  2. Attack the middle with run game
  3. Attack area behind them with passing game

If Defensive end is Charging Inside Then

  1. Attack outside of them with the sweep and option plays.
  2. Screen Plays

If  Defense in 2 high Coverage Then

  1. Use motion to help determine man of pass
  2. Use smash concept

If Defense in Cover 4 or Cover 2 Invert Then

  1. Attack the single coverage defenders on the outside with the pass

If Defense is playing games on defense line Then

  1. Traps
  2. Counters
  3. Reverses


This has been adapted from a section on attacking defenses in from his Georgetown Playbook.

For more playbooks check out

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